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Graduation Requirements
for High School Diploma

 English (40 Credits Required) X X X X
 Math (30 Credits Required) X X X 
 Science (30 Credits Required) X X X 
 Social Science (40 Credits Required) X X X X
 Visual/Performing Arts or Foreign Language (10 Credits Required) X   
 Electives (50 Credits Required) X X X X
 Physical Education (20 Credits Required) X X  

Need 220 Credits, Meet Technology Requirement (Met in Full Year Geography Class), Meet Post-Secondary Plan Requirement (Met through Guidance Counselor), and Pass California High School Exit Exam (Both English and Math).

A-G Requirements
for UC and CSU Schools

 English (40 Credits Required)X
 Math (30 Credits Required/40 Credits Suggested) - Alg I & II, Geom
 Science (30 Credits Required) - Including LabXXX 
 Social Science (20 Credits Required) - World, US/Government  
 Foreign Language (20 Credits Required/30 Credits Suggested)  
 Visual/Performing Arts (10 Credits Required)   
 Academic Elective (10 Credits Required)X   

X - Required   S - Suggested