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Family and Consumer


Eugine King

Valhalla High School Requirement - Electives

Child Development
The purpose of this course is to provide a basic understanding of family planning, prenatal development and care, childbirth, and the development of the child from infancy through early childhood years. The course includes the social, physical, and emotional growth of the parents and child. Develops a framework for exploration of parenting. Learn to appreciate children as individuals and obtain experience in guiding a group of preschool children. Special parenting situations, adoption, broken homes, disabled children, etc. are analyzed. Child development and related field career opportunities will be explored. This class is open to all grades. 

On Your Own
This course is a down-to-earth approach of developing skills to live on your own through exploring alternatives for housing, spending, travel, leisure and management of human resources. Time will be spent in the community inspecting housing, comparing care and purchases of automobiles, exploring options in banking and credit, seeking types of health care, comparing types of insurance, computing income tax, interviewing for jobs, doing research on product comparisons, and planning for travel and leisure. Completion of this course should give the students skills for successfully living on their own.

Foods and Nutrition
A course that develops the knowledge and skills needed to prepare meals and deal with nutritional problems. Units will include nutritional problems, planning and marketing for various lifestyles and income levels, food preparation for meals and special occasions.

Culinary Arts
This course meets for a two hour block for a full year; must commit to the two hour block for the full year and complete 300 hours of instruction which may include some hours outside of regular class time. This two-period course provides entry-level training in culinary arts. Units of instruction include: safety, basic principles of food preparation, sanitation, cooking, portion control, food service & presentation. Students use a variety of equipment.