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Norsemen Athletes in College

The names listed below are currently playing in college.
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Allen, AJ Class of 2012 Football Kansas St. 
April, Cassidy Class of 2011 Ice Hockey Univ of New England 
Brown, Kweishi Class of 2012 Football Arizona St. 
Buzzell, Anthony Class of 2012 Football Jamestown College 
Coombs, Mitch Class of 2014 Baseball Sonoma State 
Davis, Alli Class of 2012 Swim San Jose State 
Foster, Frank Class of 2011 Football North Carolina A&T 
Haugen, Emily Class of 2015 Soccer Cal State San Marcos 
Havird, Spencer Class of 2013 Football Gardner Webb University 
Houghtby, Jeff Class of 2015 Baseball U.S.D. 
Hudgins, Chris Class of 2014 Baseball Cal State Fullerton 
Hughes, Andrea Class of 2013 Cross Country U.S.D. 
Hughes, Paige Class of 2012 Cross Country UC San Diego 
James, Luke Class of 2012 Dive U.N.L.V. 
Krum, Ryan Class of 2012 Football Univ of Alabama Birmingham 
Kurtz, Nick Class of 2011 Football BYU 
Labshere, Madison Class of 2013 Softball Univ. of Virginia 
Luibel, Sarah Class of 2011 Swim U.C. Davis 
Lund, Sydney Class of 2015 Soccer U.C. Merced 
Martin, James Class of 2013 Baseball Hendrix College 
Miller, Jasmine Class of 2015 Water Polo S.D.S.U. 
Miller, Shawn Class of 2012 Wrestling Briar Cliff University 
Miramon, Daniela Class of 2012 Soccer San Bernandino State 
Persky, Kaitlyn Class of 2012 Water Polo Cal Baptist 
Qsar, Jordan Class of 2014 Baseball Pepperdine University 
Ratcliff, Colleen Class of 2014 Water Polo U.C.S.D. 
Ricketts, Shea Class of 2014 Cross Country/Track U.S.D. 
Romano, Ramsey Class of 2013 Baseball Michigan University 
Rook, Torrey Class of 2011 Softball San Francisco State 
Rosenthal, Emily Class of 2014 Swim South Dakota St. 
Salazar, Michael Class of 2015 Swim Ohio State 
Saunders, Codi Class of 2012 Swim Columbia University 
Schmidt, Cory Class of 2011 Soccer St. Mary's University 
Semancsin, Kristen Class of 2014 Cross Country U.C.S.D. 
Sorilla, Taylor Class of 2014 Cross Country Rhodes University 
Stahlak, Anna Class of 2015 Swim CSU Bakersfield 
Stockton, Madison Class of 2014 Rowing Cal Berkeley 
Tellez, Naomi Class of 2012 Softball New Mexico 
Thomas, Miranda Class of 2014 Softball Southern Nevada 
Todd, John Class of 2014 Football Humboldt University 
Wallace, Carlee Class of 2014 Softball Auburn University 
Showing 41 items