The School Site Council (SSC) develops the School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) including proposed expenditure of funds allocated to the school through the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) process.
The SSC also: 
  • Recommends the SPSA to the LEA’s local governing board or body for approval.
  • Provides ongoing review throughout the school year of the implementation of the strategies/services in the SPSA to ensure the plan is being carried out to address the needs of the school and its students.
  • Annually evaluates the progress made toward the school’s goals to increase the academic achievement of all students. This includes reviewing and analyzing established metrics, baseline data, and desired outcomes in the SPSA to ensure continuous improvement of students in the schoolwide program.
  • Performs all other duties assigned to the SSC by the local governing board or body of the LEA and by state law. As each school has their own unique needs and student populations, the SSC must ensure this is considered within their duties and responsibilities.
2023 - 2024 School Site Council Members
Joshua Johnson - Principal
Valerie Kuhlken - Assistant Principal
Shannon Moreno - Teacher
Tim Wall - Teacher
Rachel Alnas - Counselor
Angie Martinez - Parent
Rudolf Streif - Parent
Aiser Janki - Parent
Student #1
Student #2
2023 - 2024 Meeting Dates
September 12
October 24
February 6
May 14
Valhalla's Parent Involvement Policy has been updated for 2024. You can review it here: