Class of 2019 Grads

Class of 2019 Grads

Transcripts were sent out on Wednesday, June 19th and NCAA Transcripts were uploaded on Friday, June 21st. Thank you.
General Information

General Information

Transcripts can be requested either by mail or in person. (Former students only, may request transcripts online.)

Parents can only make requests for records or transcripts if your student is under 18.
As an adult, the student/former student must request their own transcript documents.
Current Students: 
Come to the Records office (Rm.317) and fill out a transcript request form. 
There are two types:
  1. For transcripts that need to be mailed- there is a triplicate form. Fill out 1 request per college; make sure the address is very clear-a window envelope is used for these. Drop it off at the Records/SST office and it will be mailed out within 2 business days.
  2. For transcripts to be hand carried- fill out the single sheet form and put the number of official or unofficial transcripts you need. Drop it off at the Records/SST Office. They will be ready for pick up within 2 business days.
Former Students:
  1.  Online: Use this FORM to request your transcript. You are required to email your scanned/photographed ID and pay online if you use this option. 
  2.  By mail: Include the name you attended under, the years you attended and your date of birth. Include the address(es) you want the transcript(s) sent to, and any special information. If you need it faxed, include that information.. Mailed requests are filled and mailed within 3 business days after receipt.
  3.  In Person: The same information is needed. You will be asked for ID to verify identity. The transcripts are printed, signed and sealed and turned over to you. The entire procedure usually takes about 5 minutes.
  4.  Transcripts are $5 per copy. Please include a check or money order in your mailed request or bring cash. For online payment, CLICK HERE.

Contact info:
Tara Hunsberger