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Start Smart Events

California Highway Patrol Start Smart banner
Begin at 6:00pm Sharp
(Check in begins at 5:30pm)
Aug 31 - Theater
Sept 28 - Library
Oct 26 - Library
Nov 30 - Library
Jan 25 - Library
Feb 22 - Library
March 22 - Library
May 30 - Library
Start Smart: Driving Smart to Stay Safe
The California Highway Patrol's Start Smart program is a driver safety education class which targets new and future licensed teenage drivers between the age of 15 - 19 and their parents/guardians.

Getting their driver's license opens a new world to young drivers. Suddenly, the possibility of new destinations and experiences with friends are within grasp. But a new driver lacks the experience that is sometimes needed on the road. Situations can appear in a second, sometimes too fast for a new driver to respond to. But, there are ways to avoid dangerous situations. There are ways to keep a new driver - and their passengers - safe on the road.

Find out how to keep new drivers safe on the road
  • Teen drivers are found at fault in 66% of ALL FATAL collisions that they are involved in, although they only represent 4% of the state's licensed drivers.
  • The leading cause of DEATH for Americans 15 - 20 years old is motor vehicle collisions.

Involvement Opportunities

Get Involved
Besides the opportunities to participate in the monthly PTO meetings or visit the many extra-curricular activities happening on our campus, here are a list of events that are for you or include you as an integral part of your student's success at Valhalla. 
Parent Visitation Day - Aug 25
Back to School Night - Sept 19 at 6pm
Senior Parent Financial Aid Night - Sept 27
Freshmen Parent Night - Nov 6
Got Questions? Event - Feb 26
Senior Awards Night - May 23
Graduation - June 7